woensdag 9 december 2015

Christmas sale on prints

As a friendly reminder to you all, I would like to inform you about delivery times on prints from my shop.
If you want to avoid extra cost for express print and delivery, you might want to take this in account:
- Foto prints take up 3 working days after payment.
- Canvas prints take about 5 working days after payment.
I suggest to place your order before 15 december.

This will give you time to wrap and put them under your Christmas tree.
Happy hollidays!

woensdag 18 november 2015

About the latest addition to my shop: Nottingham Castle bandstand

The photo I added to my shop today is another one taken at the grounds of Nottingham Castle.
Taken on a foggy November morning, leaves falling and nature changes into autumn colours. This makes the atmosphere magical to go for a nice walk. What else to do than take a camera and try to capture the magic?
On the castle grounds there stands a Victorian Bandstand, on a patch of grass surrounded by trees. 
In this photo I tried to capture both the bandstand, the windows, chandelier and floor. But also the surroundings and all the colours contributing to the setting.
I hope you like the result as much as I do.

You can go straight to this photo here or visit my shop at oypo.be/nilsvn for prints. 

dinsdag 10 november 2015

Photography struggles

Every photographer can probably relate, things don't always fall into place and work out as you have planned.

This story is one where I blame myself as a 'pro' to mess up, there are more factors contributing, but in the end I can't deny responsibility, but I learned from it and that's what counts.

Okay, baseline is: I went out shoot ABBA Gold Europe, followers of this blog will surely recognise this name, as i've shot them times and times before, across Belgium. (part of there Belgium 2014 tour here: ABBA Gold Europe Tour 2014

They performed at a festival 10 minutes from my door, closest I had ever went to go shoot them, what made me sloppy, I didn't allow myself enough time for possible traffic problems or struggles.

You can probably guess it now, in the few km I had to go, there was a roadblock and detour, lost me a couple minutes and made me end up on the wrong side of the festival grounds, thus made me lose more time having to run around the festival to get to the actual press entrance.

At this point the band was doing their last sound-checks, while I queued up at the press entrance, so far no real problem, I know the band, I know the set-list, I know their moves and when they are going to be where and what they'll do.

But then the internal communication had gone wrong and for some reason my name was not on their list, oh yes, here I get stressed.
While they had me stuck waiting at the reception tent while they tried to internally get their info together, I could hear the band start their first song.


The backstage manager came up to me and have me explain why I was there and how I wasn't on the press list.
Rather obvious why I was there: take photo's of the band that was already performing, and I got it, I'm not on the list!! Showing my communication with the band where they said to arrange for my pass didn't do much, and how much I understood his point of view, it was hard to not get annoyed hearing the songs that I was supposed to shoot go by.

Lucky for me, he wasn't completely unreasonable and allowed me in to photograph just that one band, front-stage access only, but hey at that point I would have given a kidney to get in so I ran for the stage, took in the environment and started shooting.

These are the results I managed to get from it: ABBA Gold Europe Paal

Blistering sun straight into the stage, very hot summer temperatures, no wind. One of the toughest gigs to perform, and shoot. The band as literally dehydrated as they came off stage and crashed down having drinks.

From there on the evening was simply bliss, as we went off to the hospitality area and I had a night of relaxing and having interesting conversations about music, artists, and very personal topics, with a band that I can call my personal friends.
We ended the night all together around a piano singing and playing random songs. A night I will never forget.

Lessons to learn from that night are: never let your guard down and be prepared for the unthinkable, you never know what you will come across even on a 10 minute trip from your door.
But also hang in, don't give up and push through, don't give up and get the job done.

zondag 8 november 2015

Wall decoration special for 2015

All new for this year I can offer you a selection of my photographs available in different style and format prints to fit your interior.

Every photo is an exclusive shot by myself across Scotland, England, Belgium and Luxembourg. They won't be found at any other shop and many hold an interesting story behind them.

My latest addition to the shop is this one:

Photographed on a foggy autumn Sunday morning on Nottingham Castle grounds. Being All Saints' Day, right after Halloween made the grounds spooky and filled with atmosphere as the castle rose up in the fog.

You can see print options for this photo by clicking here or visit my shop at: oypo.be/nilsvn

donderdag 15 oktober 2015

Abba Gold Europe op Paal op Stelten

Voor de reguliere bezoeker van mijn blog, zal Abba Gold Europe zeker geen onbekende zijn, Na in 2014 een stuk van hun Belgische tour in beeld te brengen, kon hun optreden op enkele km van mijn voordeur niet uit een portfolio ontbreken.